Trevor Shakespeare, who started and operates the Smart repairs service, has over 30 years of expert-level experience in repairing motor vehicles of all types. And he and his staff know exactly what to look for.

Our team of experts are fully trained in all aspects of vehicle body and interior repairs.

We use 2K products throughout, both in the bodyshop and the mobile units to ensure impressive professional results. The high standard and consistency of our team of experts and the high quality of products used, means that Trev's Smart Repairs can guarantee the quality of its services.

From starting out as a mobile service, ...

Our company has quickly become a success and consistently wins and retains contracts from a range of vehicle dealerships. We provide services to these dealerships by carrying out Smart repairs on their vehicles on site. In addition to this, we go a step further by going out to their customers' homes and businesses. This flexibility has enabled dealerships to provide value-added Smart repair services that are convenient for their clients.

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