With over 30 years of experience in repairing motor vehicles of all types, the smart repairs team has expertise in all aspects of vehicle body and interior repairs: from panel beating, to spraying, to velour seat and trim repairs.

Through the use of high quality 2K products combined with consistently high standards of service, Trev's Smart Repairs stands ready to deliver outstanding professional results that you will be proud of.

Check out a few examples of our work below, then get in touch to see how you could benefit from our friendly professional service.

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Stone Chips & Minor Scratches

Your vehicle, from time to time, will pick up fine and minor scratches. These scratches can be unsightly and can devalue your vehicle.

This damage can be dealt with by using inexpensive techniques whereby chips and scratches are touched in and polished.

Repairing Dents

Dents are expertly repaired using body-filler and sanded to provide a smooth contour matching that of the existing panel.

The repaired area is then primed, coloured and lacquered to blend into the surrounding panel area, making the original dent difficult to distinguish.

Alloy Wheels Refurbishment

Wheels are one of the most attractive parts of a vehicle and the easiest to damage.

Scuffed alloys can result in the spread of oxidation which leads to more expensive repairs at a later date.

We remove the wheels from the vehicle and repair them on site, where they are restored to their original factory finish.

Bumper Repairs

Cracked, scratched, and damaged plastic bumpers can be repaired using special plastic repair techniques.

After the cracks and chips have been repaired, the bumper's texture is matched and sprayed to the correct colour and perfect finish.


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